To be effective in achieving our mission, HONOR PAC’s Board of Directors has identified the following issues of priority that guide our political activity:

Election and Appointment of Openly LGBT Latinas/os to Positions of Leadership

HONOR PAC supports increased number of “out” LGBT Latinas/os in positions of leadership including political jobs and appointments and senior- level decision-making roles in public, private and non-profit sectors. HONOR PAC supports legislators, businesses and non-profit
organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to diversity by including LGBT people of color within leadership ranks and throughout their organization.

Access to Health Care and Support for HIV/AIDS Funding

HONOR PAC supports measures that expand access to affordable health care, including HIV/AIDS, reproductive rights, substance abuse and other critical services for disadvantaged LGBT Latina/o groups including low-income working families.

Marriage Equality

HONOR PAC supports equal marriage rights. Marriage is a pro-family ideal that protects the rights of all couples and provides stability and security to families. With the high parenting rates of same-sex Latina/o couples as compared to other racial and ethnic groups, the benefits and legal protections afforded through civil marriage become critical for our communities. HONOR PAC supports the protection and expansion of domestic partnership benefits.

Education & Higher Education

HONOR PAC supports increased access and resources for Latina/o and immigrant students. Many LGBT Latina/o students are recent or first-generation immigrants that need specialized resources, including access to language-appropriate curricula. HONOR PAC supports academic preparation programs and encourages affirmative action policies to ensure that our public colleges and universities reflect our state’s diverse demographics.


HONOR PAC supports pro-immigrant policies. We believe in dignity of all LGBT Latinas/os regardless of immigration status and oppose measures to criminalize undocumented immigrants. Further, we oppose measures to expand the role of local police to enforce federal immigration policy. HONOR PAC supports fair immigration policies and rights for LGBT citizens and their foreign-born partners that are equal to those afforded to non-gay citizens.

Latina/o LGBT Youth

HONOR PAC supports anti-bullying legislation and programs and policies that provide services to LGBT Latina/o youth. HONOR PAC encourages measures that provide counseling services and leadership development programs that embrace Latino LGBT youth and provide them with t tools to become productive, self-confident an contributing members of our society. LGBT youth are 2 to 3 times more likely to attempt suicide than heterosexual youth.

Equal Protection for Transgender Individuals

HONOR PAC supports transgender-specific consideration in the delivery of social services including health care, insurance coverage for hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery. HONOR PAC urges safe-harbor immigration policies, equal employment opportunities and protective custody policies among other special considerations required for the safety, health and dignity of Latina/o transgender members of our community.


HONOR PAC supports a zero tolerance policy towards racism, homophobia and other forms of prejudice. HONOR PAC embraces diversity in all aspects of society and works toward LGBT Latina/o cultural awareness and understanding within the Latino and LGBT communities.

Quality of Life

HONOR PAC supports measures that enhance the quality of life of Latina/o LGBT communities including living wage legislation, affordable housing, economic development and job creation policies.