HONOR PAC is Accepting requests for Endorsement Consideration for the November 2016 General Election

The HONOR PAC Board of Directors has a thorough endorsement process to support candidates and ballot measures that strengthen the PAC’s stated mission and priorities.

HONOR PAC is a non-partisan, mission driven organization that welcomes all candidates regardless of party affiliation for endorsement consideration.

HONOR PAC seeks out all candidates that are proud to detail their positions and leadership on issues of importance to the Latinx and LGBTQ community, including: equal rights, education, health care, immigration, marriage equality, public safety and equitable treatment of our trans community.  If you know of a candidate who fits our profile please send them our way.

Candidates seeking HONOR PAC’s endorsement are invited to fill out the Request for Endorsement Consideration Form.  HONOR PAC will only consider races and candidates that reach out to us via the request form on our website.  Once a request has been submitted  you will revive a confirmation from us.  Once we determine which races we will engage in, you will receive our in-depth questionnaire and we will schedule the candidate for an on line interview with our board of directors.  Our Consideration for endorsement for the November 2016 General Election closes on July 22, 2016 at 11pm Pacific Time – 8pm Eastern Time.


If you have questions  in the interim you may contact our Vice President of Political Affairs – Alfredo Pedroza at alfredopedroza.hpac@gmail.com for additional details or questions about our endorsement process.

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HONOR PAC advocates for the political empowerment of Latina/o LGBT communities. HONOR PAC supports candidates and ballot propositions that advance progressive policies and serve the unique needs and interests of Latina/o LGBT communities.