Why Honor PAC?

"We are driven by mission, not politics."


Our Numbers

California is home to the largest concentration of LGBTQ Latinx in the United States, yet the political landscape lacks organized and coordinated political participation from LGBTQ Latinx. The large number of LGBTQ Latinx - particularly in Southern California-creates an opportunity for us to organize around issues of mutual concern and interest.

Homophobia in our Community Needs to Be Addressed

Homophobia in Latinx communities contributes to second-class status and a host of social and economic problems such as: hate crimes; domestic violence; alcohol and drug abuse; employment discrimination; and increasing rates of HIV infection, among others. Political leaders need to be aware of these issues.

Huge Opportunities for Increased Civic Engagement

LGBTQ Latinos and Latinas are politically disenfranchised. As a result, LGBTQ Latinx voices are nearly absent from policy debates and the democratic process. There is a need to educate and encourage LGBTQ Latinx on how they can increase their involvement in the political process and advocate for issues of interest.

Leadership Development

Empowerment of LGBTQ Latinx communities requires organized and sustained opportunities for leadership and professional development. A distinct and organized political mobilization effort is required to address the near absence of visible LGBTQ Latinx in positions of leadership and to effectively advocate for issues of importance to LGBTQ Latinx.


HONOR PAC is a mission driven non-partisan organization focusing on the issues and policies affecting the LGBTQ Latinx communities and other underserved populations. HONOR PAC seeks a more fair and equitable society for all.


• Elect candidates who support and advocate for the interests of the Latinx LGBTQ communities.
• Support or oppose ballot propositions that serve the interests of the Latinx LGBTQ communities.
• Promote Latinx LGBTQ education and mobilization of lawful political action, including support and advocacy for increased Latinx LGBTQ voices in elected and appointed offices.