Statement on Trump's rollback of LGBTQ+ health care protections


Today on the 4th anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, in the middle of Pride Month, and in the midst of a global pandemic, the Trump Administration "formally rolled back an Obama-era policy that protected LGBTQ patients from discrimination and required robust language translation services".

According to Politico, this reversal in health policy will allow health care providers to discriminate against transgender patients and women seeking abortions. "The Obama administration had issued the first-time protections for LGBTQ patients under a nondiscrimination clause in the Affordable Care Act, citing concerns from advocates these patients had a harder time accessing necessary care”.

Under the current occupant in the White House, time and time again, the LGBTQ+ community and communities of color have been discriminated against to the utmost degree. The rollback of these protections are repulsive and send a clear sign to our Latinx and LGBTQ+ communities that we do not matter nor deserve proper health care. We are all deserving of proper health care as a human right. 

We must continue to use our collective voice and pressure our representatives to stand up for what is right - regardless of party.

We must continue to be resilient and show our strength at the ballot box this November!

We must encourage others to be counted by participating in the 2020 US Census, register to vote, and exercise their right and privilege to vote.

We must continue to resist and fight hate by getting engaged and doing our part in being a catalyst for change in all circles and situations.

Each one of these actions create the momentum to a more inclusive and participatory society. They create America.

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Con honor,
Mario Ceballos 
President, HONOR PAC